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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 11, 2018 10:00pm-10:30pm CEST

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this is d w news live from berlin the war of words in the middle east escalates a senior iranian cleric threatens israeli cities with annihilation as worshippers of friday prayers and chant death to israel and death to america made poor in israel the defense minister calls on syria to throw out to reign in force. also on the program. over seven hundred fifty thousand children in the democratic republic of congo and suffering from severe malnutrition the u.n. says more than half of them could die if they don't get help soon they're stuck in
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a vast jungle region hit by conflict between the army and the government rebels. and europe gears up for its annual festival kicks and don'ts. for your original song contest taking place in the portuguese capital knows when this weekend will take a look at the favorites for. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring a good to have you with us well leaders are stepping up their efforts to save the iran nuclear deal with the foreign ministers of germany france and britain due to meet the rainy and counterpart next week the diplomatic scramble comes after israel attacked iran's positions in syria early on thursday in. spawns two alleged iranian
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attacks on israeli positions on the golan heights meanwhile the war of words is escalating on both sides. in the odyssey two days after the attacks tensions in the middle east continue to saw off heating prayers in the iranian capital a senior cleric threatened israel with destruction all who said all if there's anything foolish to levy fan haifa to the ground. israel isn't meant to sing its words either. have a message for assad or get rid of the iranians get rid of their forces they're not helping you they're only harming and their presence will only cause problems and damage. the developments come only days after the us withdrawal from the nuclear deal many iranians see this as another provocation from israel's ally on the streets of iran protesters held down as reading death to
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america global leaders a calling on iran and israel for restraint fearing the lack of stability in the region could lead to war their goal preserve what's left of the nuclear deal. german chancellor angela merkel underlined that in tension again throwing harsh words at the u.s. administration thought simply over it is i don't think it's correct to pull out of a deal that has been agreed upon that has been voted for unanimously in the u.n. security council. that violates the trust in the international order come off iran's foreign ministry signaled in a statement that it's prepared to work with europe to save the nuclear deal but it's unclear whether that would help ease the conflict with israel. ok let's talk now to correspondent who is in the lebanese capital beirut. give us an idea of what
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the mood is at the moment in the middle east are people preparing for an all out conflict with israel. well the region is certainly on imagine and i've not quite seen it this tense thus far last i haven't heard a design from the arbonne been looking back there were tensions that there would be all of this always sort of a moment going around the middle east that the reason is preparing for us next war but this time it's quite different even though all sides have been talking to sources in israel those that is in need on and in syria and he had never known that some people in his will and nobody really wants a war but this is jewish and that's pretty tense and even though we've seen that of israel up pack a sensible iranian assets in syria all the as they've conducted over one hundred attacks that this is quite a direct hit now is there going to be a war of inflation war or not that's the big question because we've seen as far as the strikes and sound rhetoric from the iranian side has been measured i know you spoke about a certain cleric but as long as hominy the spiritual leader is not making that
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threat it's not us but when it you would look at israel and the rhetoric from israel is pretty high pissed because netanyahu believes with trump an hour time is on their side so how far does israel want to go in sending this message to syria and sending this message to israel that is what we need to wait and see ok until what about lebanon there's just been an election in lebanon the iranian backed hezbollah one more than half the seats in parliament they saw major gains on thursday we saw major world powers urging lebanon to maintain its policy of staying out of regional conflicts is that likely to stay the case of could we see lebanon also getting involved. levanon absolutely would i mean within levanon there's always a debate where the lebanese nationalists say look we don't want his political infighting in city after we don't want levelling to be engaging in
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a conflict with israel he would like peace for this or that having said that is hizbullah is a very strong force on the ground and by making political gains essentially they're saying that that cause which is business is to israel or is illegitimate cause now how does an underling gaiters quite a different question the fighters in the south and the golan heights on the city inside of all hizbollah fighters these are the fighters who trained militias of iraq in. which is said inside of all our land backed several of them myself have said so so if there is a war than those fighters are likely to join in his will that is present in syria their fighters in huge numbers and as well as here in lebanon as well so whatever conflict happens whether in syria or levanon his less likely to participate and hence lebanon is going to be engaged ok and. not not very good prospects that on trial for. many things. ok time now to catch up some of the other stories making
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news around the wild officials in gaza say israeli soldiers have shot dead one palestinian and wounded dozens more during the sixth week of protests at the border with israel two journalists and a paramedic are reported to be among the injured two palestinians demonstrating against israel's decade long blockade of gaza and also it america's decision to move its embassy to jerusalem. u.s. secretary of state like iowa has said that america could help rebuild north korea's economy if the country gives up its nuclear weapons home pay of made the comment to the news conference alongside his south korean counterpart he added that robust verification of any denuclearize ation would be needed to peace security. and south africa's elite police units has taken over the investigation into an attack on a mosque outside but that's because religious extremism is a suspected motive one person died and two others were wounded in that attack which
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occurred off the midday prayers on thursday. now hundreds of thousands of children are facing starvation in the democratic republic of congo that's according to the united nations children's fund unicef says swift action is needed to provide food water and medical supplies to more than seven hundred fifty thousand children in cazayoux province recent fighting there between rebel forces and government troops has caused a complete breakdown of essential services including health care sanitation and food supplies. the violence has subsided and the displaced are beginning to return home but the recent civil conflict and aside province has forced hundreds of thousands to the brink of starvation. aid workers are fighting an uphill battle to treat malnourished children and prevent the spread of cholera and measles the hospitals that survive the conflict are overwhelmed i'm actually there was shocked
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by what i saw and what i heard. peter's where children were treated for complication of see these children were struggling to survive and they came back to the same as peter's tree days later. within three days. some children had died and i knew more. children that the good condition of. which. the fighting made food scarce in some areas because farmers have not been able to plant crops for three seasons the conflict also stopped the flow of basic supplies across the nearby angola border as the province waits for crops and trade to return the challenge aid groups are facing is enormous. unicef is only received a quarter of the ninety million it says it needs to provide assistance in the
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meantime for the children of. food is a precious commodity. in a separate development in the democratic republic of congo there's been an outbreak of in a remote part of the country the u.n. says it's preparing for all adventure allergies including a rapid spread of the disease to other provinces most of the cases so far have been recorded near the town of because or in a quote province where doctors say they just received another suspected case the world health organization is hoping congo will thrive as the use of an experimental vaccine against the deadly disease. has warned that the treatment is not a magic bullet congress has seen eight breaks over the past forty years. it's more than two months since elections in italy and the country is still waiting for a new government but talks in rome between the populist five star movement in the far right lead finally appear to be making progress the two party's leaders hope to
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propose a new prime minister on sunday. it could be the end of the waiting game material so he head of the far right league made his way through a throng of journalists but gave very little away. after weeks of still nice it was up to leidy mio so these coalition partners from the populist five star movement just look good. first of all we're very proud we arrived at this point in a linear and coherent way yesterday evening we finally laid the foundations for an agreement with the league and launched a project for a government of change we want this afternoon our parliamentary members and experts will start working on a government contract that remains our most important focus so if you give it a bit it's. all good. just last monday italian president said your mother ella declared that negotiations to build a new government had ultimately failed for weeks had been pressuring the two
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parties to come to an agreement threatening to cool fresh elections if they fail to do. that is that a little earlier the fact that italian voters won't have to go to the polls again and that the political impasse may soon be over is largely down to one man. said to palace kone the media mogul and former prime minister stepped aside and then act of endless generosity as his forty attorney a party put it that clears the way for the league who had teamed up with ford said there as part of a center right coalition to negotiate with the five star movement that party had categorically refused to strike a deal as long as but the scrutiny was still in office. the coalition partners are looking to build a government by the beginning of next week on sunday they hope to be able to name then you have government in media reports say could possibly be an independent candidate but ultimately it will be at least president said your mother ella who
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has the last word. still to come on this program they're red delicious and over here in berlin a plague of swarm crayfish from the u.s. state of lunacy louisiana has invaded the streams and lakes the german capital. on that in just a second but first on trump's decision to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal is putting pressure on industries across the globe and daniel has that story for us on chris for the having to cancel their investments the u.s. president wants to reinstate sanctions against iran over concerns about the country's nuclear program but that couldn't have come at a worse time for the iranian economy let's take a look iran's currency has been under pressure for months the reaal has lost over a third of its value against the dollar since december toronto is also grappling with high unemployment among recent university graduates thirty six percent of men can't find work and that number is staggering fifty percent when it comes to women
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and that's not the only challenge iran is facing a lack of private investment in part to a banking sector that can barely afford to issue loans to iran is investing less than three percent of its g.d.p. in maintaining its aging infrastructure which further hampers business development but companies worldwide could lose out as the u.s. reimpose the sanctions just take european aircraft manufacturers which face losing thirty eight billion dollars worth of deals. thanks to the euro nuclear agreement airbus was able to secure a deal for one hundred aircraft with iran. however at least ten percent of the components for its planes come from u.s. producers and this detail is likely to pull the plug on the sale. of anything that has any of us content and i mean dealings with us and then gets we
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exported to iran is going to come under scrutiny and i think that we need to be looked at very very carefully. competitor boeing which struck a deal for eighty planes with iran is also likely to be forced to cancel their contract along with various other aircraft producers among the companies french producer took tal looks had to cash in together with the chinese business it struck a fall billion euros deal to tap the south parcel field firearm now it seems unlikely that the country will be able to continue all its has in many markets. where the oil is going to be a very significant one i mean what the markets have already. found is that yes there's going to be some tension and prices have risen a little bit before to build a plant in iran and renault hope to produce one hundred fifty thousand cars for the country. fox wagon was also planning to enter the market.
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now all those companies and iran itself are seeing their plans move further out of free choice due to one country's determination to strike a better deal. eighteen t. admits it made a big mistake by hiring michael cohen donald trump's personal lawyer contractual payments amounted to six hundred thousand dollars and now under the spotlight as cohen is under federal investigation he was hired to advise eighty entailed on the new trump of ministration which the firm's c.e.o. now says was a serious misjudgment. the lawyer for adult film star stormy daniels revealed earlier this week that a slew of companies paid cohen to get information on the presidency the disclosure of the company's relationship with cohen could affect whether an eighty five billion dollars deal to buy time warner gets approval next month one which donald trump called not good for the country. and yes quarters on wall street forus
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against shares of time warner haven't really suffered much since the cowen affair came to light is this a sign investors see the a.t.m. tea time warner tie up as doomed anyway all that the cohen issue is purely political. well at the end it's not the decision of donald trump at this point if the deal comes through or not but the whole case is a debate it was the justice department and a decision here is due probably on june twelfth but so far wall street does not believe that the whole. affair is going to affect their decision if the deal will be approved or not otherwise probably you would have seen some pressure on the stock of time warner as they're getting bored by eighty and eighty four eighty five billion dollars at least that's the plan for now and h.m.t. is not alone old saw his home a suitable company in the virus has admitted that it was
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a mistake to actually hire cohen's firm and at the end to pay about one point two million dollars and all saw there it's probably not going to have a lasting image effect because at this point ok speaking of pharmaceuticals donald trump wants to drive down drug prices what does he want to do and what can he do there he had a pretty big appearance here on friday and he had to promise during his campaign to bring a drug prices for example down there no two or pinions health care in the u.s. is far too expensive for some of the ideas are to speed up the process or to bring new drugs on the market so that should increase competition and therefore also put some pressure on prices then also the president of the south called it unfair that other countries offer the same drugs for. for much less than we see it in the
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united states but what donald trump and this stuff also said here on friday is it's a very complicated system and changes will not come anytime soon but it will take years to actually fix and change the system and healthy in the u.s. could be a bit of pills for the for the industry to swallow against thank you very much. and now elaborate costumes of dodgy performances are not talking about d.w. news the euro vision final is coming up this weekend kristof you got all the details that's right the eurovision song contest people across europe gearing up for this annual pop extravaganza the past week has seen a string of semifinals in the portuguese capital lisbon entries from twenty six countries getting ready now for the grand finale on saturday evening. eurovision is as much about the spectacle was the song and as far as that goes estonia's bellina niche a vote will be hard to beat the trained opera singer will be wearing
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a giant gown decorated by three hundred sixty elaborate projections that move and change along with the music. scene but your vision is also sometimes used for political or social messages and this year france is in the running with a song about the refugee crisis the duo madame monsieur are singing mercy which was inspired by the true story of a little girl born on a rescue ship in the mediterranean. i. think. one of the hot tips to women is israel's not a barcelona who's also chosen to address a current topic with her song talk. the song has a strong message of me too and i thought about something funky that can sound. like a cycle of. abuse like ouch like. like
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the fans that now and then it goes over and over and over again the second very happy vibe song back to it has a strong message with between the lines so you write a song for you a message of a different kind as offered by the two thousand and nine winner norway's alexander every book he's back this year with the song explaining just how to write a song. which is. so. but the current favorite among the book makers is cyprus represented by any fool with the song for a go no political message just class a. assoc sexy dance track. the competition is also known for surprise upsets though and with people from so many different countries voting it can be difficult to protect who will come out the
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winner on saturday night. here in germany the final weekend of the bonus league season beckons at the top of the table three teams currently locked in a fierce tussle for champions league qualification while at the bottom will be seeing the climax of a tense relegation battle as for the title itself well as little change there. another year another title for boy and they'll be more pictures like this at the end of the current bonus league season only with a few different faces on show a spine celebrate their six title in a row in the past all for the remaining champions league spot hoffenheim take on dortmund. leverkusen unlike ziggo still in with a shout dortmund are looking to redeem themselves after a turbulent season. those who don't salute of course i'm confident that we can go there and get a point or a win it's an exciting game as hoffenheim also need to take risks. as you
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go. down the bottom they have other concerns survival by any means the target freiburg and fifteenth spot need only a point to guarantee safety. but a firm it's a tense battle between waltz bergen hamburg the wolves have nosedived in recent weeks but a point against last place cologne will give them a chance to save themselves for the relegation play off as we know it's in our own hands this saturday so we don't need to worry about what the other teams are doing miss me the. second last hamburg need a miracle i went home to glad back is the minimum requirement but the belief among supporters is back. and see fast as you can see that the team's achievements over the last few weeks have got the funds back behind the team and the funds are united as i hope present here. by and will be aiming to finish the league season strongly in preparation for next week's german cup final the showpiece will be coach your
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pint is his final match in charge. they're being dubbed the bull in lobsters but these creatures are in fact swamp crayfish from the us state of louisiana so why are they being found in such large numbers in the waterways of the german capital of biologists think a few of them were abandoned as pets and have since multiplied exponentially the latest attempt to control their numbers involves capturing cooking and crunching. but when snakes are crawling with anyone have attend might not have noticed but a far more on that local watch a south facing an invasion by the north american prey fish two years ago this and then when you use the natural predator and then attempt to eradicate the crayfish but that you simply couldn't eat the crayfish fast enough as they were reproducing at the same time so now the senate off but then changed the strategy that allowing
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brown in the us to eat the crayfish but for that we first have to catch them. ok it seems i haven't got what it takes so i need some. local expert klaus hit and his team a fisherman help out they've been awarded the official contract to kill the screech us what are my chances of catching one today your chances are pretty good but i have to warn you i would be guilty of poaching i thought about what do i have to do to add my chances of actually catching some crayfish lifelong. that's that's my older material your net is made of this too thin there crayfish would turn up. in the early morning and late afternoon these professional fisherman catch their heart in the birdland brit's gardens it took just
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a few days for them to bring in thousands of the omnivorous creatures. we think that someone had some in this aquarium when they got to begin to put them out here in the waters. these crayfish are ready to reproduce when they're just six months old and they reproduce rapidly under the. local fish monger on my ts and it's has exclusive rights to say these studies and the trendy clients back mock tylenol and. mustard up first you just twist the head off. and then you turn it over on its back. and use your thumbnail to crack and peel off the show. and you're left with the belly which you just left out.
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so it's really tasty and i'm glad i tried it now. the balun big city lobster has said that it can see that might not be on the menu for very long the goal of this license to kill is to exterminate the creature as for the good of the local wild side. you're watching news emboldened i'll be back in just a second with the day in-depth look at the world's top story. my
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generation is losing. thousands of young jews are leaving france fearful of anti semitic violence you know ale is one of. anti-semitism is increasing the only solution is to go to israel. is immigration the only option. france and the new anti-semitism. in sixty minutes d.w. . the fast pace of life in the digital shift has the lowdown on the web showing new developments and providing useful information the
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wiki is fine and interviews with the makers and users. should in forty five minutes on. g.w. true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. and with us our innovations magazine for. us from every week and look into the future on t w dot com for science and research for asia. the freedom of expression. a value that old ways has to be defended and new. all over the world. of freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely.
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d w dot com to freedom. with european companies facing u.s. penalties for trading with iran france and germany sound the alarm over threats to their interests we delve into europe's growing anger over washington strong arm tactics my name's christopher spring day this is the day. through i think what we want to be do we want to be in brussels deferring with a currency and the bow to do so.


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